Mike Mercury

C5 Ham Radio Page

our 2002/carcover/ramps/back to main/3.42 upgrade/interior sound reduction

My goals:

1. To hide the bulk of the installation

2. No outside antenna

3. Radio head to fit where the ashtray was located.


I purchased the Yaesu FT-90R mobile; a 2 meter/70cm mobile that has the smallest removeable face made for a dual band mobile. Although the head is small, the display is large and easy to read (although my digital camera did not do a good job representing this great display).


The display did not show it's "stuff" with my digital camera. The camera made it look washed out. The chassis easily fits under the seat; I've pulled it out for the pic. I  lay the microphone on the floor just to the front edge of the drivers seat.

The speaker is in the chassis; so I mounted an external speaker for better audio.

For the antenna, all I was looking for was slightly better performance than the standard rubber duck that comes with handhelds. I purchased a dual band flexible antenna that utilizes a BNC jack. I then mounted a jack in the middle of the rear pillar.

The antenna hangs upside down.


With the ash tray door down, you really can't tell there is a radio in the car from the outside looking in. The black antenna almost dissapears; you really can't see it from the outside unless you already know its there. I made up a junction box that allows me to use a headset if needed. It really makes it easy to talk and drive at the same time.


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