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KST V6 220mhz


Let me start out by mentioning that although this radio is physically small; pictures of it tend to make it look even smaller than what it really is.

I purchased mine from eBay; it arrived with a battery, antenna, beltclip, and drop-in charger.


Measured Specs
I ran the radio on my service monitor, and the RX sensitivity is great, 0.18uv @ 12db SINAD. The transmitter outputs 4.1w on HIGH, and 2.0w on LOW. Transmit modulation (though it had good fidelity) was somewhat low gain. To get decent modulation, I had to hold the radio within an inch or two to my face. I DID NOT need to shout... just keep the radio close to my mouth. and speak in my normal voice.

Software & Cable
I downloaded the SV83 software for free and installed it. The program defaulted to Chinese; I had to select English before I could use it. The cable was just $10; and that was for the USB version.

Download the SV83 here

Download the USB driver here

Use the above programs at your own risk. I am not rsponsible for ANY issues you might encounter while trying to install these programs.

Note on printing; when I try to print from the SV83 program... it prints way-too-many pages; some with just a line or two on a page.

I see DTMF mentioned in the advertisements... but I have yet been able to get the KST V6 to transmit DTMF tones. If you figured it out... LET ME KNOW !!!

Kenwood Similarity
Like a lot of these Chinese ham radios; many will use Kenwood radio accessories. I was able to use an older Kenwood Speaker-mic; and the TX modulation gain improved when using this mic. The receive audio through this Kenwood spkr-mic was exceptional . Also, I tried my Kenwood serial programming cable... and it worked ! Had I known that in advance, I wouldn't of purchased the USB cable with the radio.


* How do I select LOW TX power from the front panel?
Press & release "F", and then "#"

* How do I get the channel name (alpha text) to show on the display?

First, be certain you have "ShowChName" checked-off in the Optional Features area. Then with the radio turned off, press & hold the "#" key, and while holding it down... turn the radio on. Repeat - to switch back to the frequency display mode.

* Why - on the radios display - do the memory channels included during scan - have the word "SKIP" shown.... but are indeed being scanned?

Yep; I noticed that too ! The channels that are scan "ADD" via the software - will be scanned (though the radio display will show "SKIP" when on that particular memory channel).


Click Here to see my setup, running 20w TX via a TK-715 and TRAM base antenna

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