TPro Pronto CCF File

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Covers the following equipment:

Toshiba TW56X81 (w/ POP)

Toshiba SD9100

Dish Network 5000

Sony 50ES/30ES


Panasonic S-VHS VCR

 Download TPRO.ZIP ( timmy.ccf ) Complete Configuration, updated 4-16-00

Download TW56X81.ZIP screens for TW56X81 only, updated 1-2-00

Download INPUTJMP.ZIP Direct input jumps for the X81, new 1-21-00

Download SD9100.ZIP screens for SD9100 only.

NOW INCLUDES:Track & Chapter direct Entry; hit "T" a second time for Time entry. Also Memory entry - Audio Select; chapter skip now uses Channel +/- hard buttons, 8x frame advance

Download Sony50ES/30ES screens for the 50es/30es, 4-16-00

Now includes setup screen, test tones, soundfield on/off, cursor control, EQ on/off

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