A Trip Down Memory Lane

aka: How old is this "Timmy" anyway?

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First series of pics were my 2 channel setup which was in its own room. Later I added another set of satellites for quadraphonic LP's

Pic below shows my first serious stereo speaker system which I  built in 1978. It is not a "trick" photo, the satellite speaker on the left has a 12" woofer. The bass cabinet on the right housed a 30" EV subwoofer; YES YOU READ RIGHT a 30" subwoofer driver housed in a minimum sized cabinet 4'x4'x28". And this pic is of the right pair boxes only. I had the same bass cabinet and satellite cabinet for the left as well. In the satellite box is a Heil AirMotionTransformer ontop, an EV horn midrange, and a University 12" midbass driver. I made the crossovers myself, actually hand winding the coils. Later I re-tuned the port on the sub cabinet to the 3db roll off point; 16hz... I kid you not! More info on this 30" driver at end of page.


Next pics are of the equipment I drove this monstrosity with:

Below a Dynaco Stereo 400 for the bass cabinets (bi-amped)

Top is Mits "dual" amp with optional metering pack on front for the satellite boxes. Kind of like dual monoblocks; two separate amps each with its own powersupply all mounted on a single chassis. Below that is a Phase Linear 4000 pre-amp with "joystick" in the center for playback of Quadraphonic LP's (OK, don't laugh!)

Next is my Accutrac turntable. It used an optical device to "read" the record surface which allowed one to select ... say "cut #3" and the tonearm would scan the disc, find the 3rd track, lower the tonearm and play it. You could also select the track playback order. More of a gimmick that a serious turntable, but it was neat to operate; even had a remote control!

Last, my trusty Nakamichi 700 cassette deck:


Below is a pic of my second projection TV. The base had a hinged lid in which the mirror was attached. Not much side angle viewing, and ambient light was always a problem. (My first projection TV was a "box" that one placed a 13" to 17" tv into ((with reversed image)). Mounted to the box was a large lens that shown onto a free standing screen. Pics and box long gone.)


A better pic of the Electro-Voice Model 30W 30" subwoofer. The cone was made out of cast styrofoam. Prototype units had paper cones which were too heavy to support, so styrofoam was used. EV recommended rotating the driver 180 degrees every year or so due to possible cone sagging. Although EV recommended a crossover point of 100hz, I  found 80hz was its practical upper limit. The driver weighed 34 lbs and had a 2.5" voice coil and 9 lb. ceramic magnet. This drivers cone had the surface area of five 12" woofers. I could blow out a match with this beast. EV built one system using the 30W sub driver called the "Patrician"

In the mid 1970's I manufactured and sold a line of speaker systems under the name of "Acousti-Pro". The system (with the Heil's and the 30W subwoofers) was to be my crowning achievement. Yes, the cabinetry was lack luster but this was the prototype. About 4 months after the testing and final tweaking, my health took a severe downward spiral. I sold all my demo models, designs, and test equipment just to survive; but I hung on to this prototype system and had many years enjoyment listening to it. Once I had the cops called out with a noise complaint. I invited the officer in and showed him the system. Amazed at what he saw, he asked me if I could play something for him! I eventually sold the speaker system (sniff) when the house was remodeled since there simply no-longer was any room for this behemoth.

Thanks for sharing my past with me!

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