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Since I did not have my TW56X81 yet, I loaned my 9100 to my friend Dean to run through its paces. Dean owns a Panasonic 56" widescreen HDTV. He also owns a killer Denon DVD player , non-progressive (sorry, don't have the model number). The 9100 appears to be well made and feels very solid. Although I was able to only watch it for a short time (uncalibrated) I cannot give opinions of much meaning.

Dean and his brother-in-law Phil (another HT'er) calibrated the 9100 with Video Essentials using the component output. Then each took turns being the viewer. Every time, the viewer was able to pick the progressive image over the non-progressive Denon players (svideo) image with the source devices identity hidden.

 But , each told me the difference was subtle. The small amount of viewing I watched (uncalibrated) did reveal more detail in the progressive image over the non-progressive.


Tonight I got back my 9100 and connected it to the 56X81 via the progressive component connections and ran a quick Avia; then watched The Matrix. Stunning; absolutely! Very detailed, very bright and colorful; even the wife noticed it (sigh of relief). Thin black bars (Matrix is anamorphic 2.35:1) top and bottom were not distracting with this nice wide-screen rptv. All this without a serious alignment effort (thats to come a few weeks later).

The extra on the DVD " The making of " was 4:3 and I was able to use the 56X81 theater modes to select a pleasing screen to watch at this aspect ratio. Interesting that the Normal theater mode did not "gray" the left and right bars (instead they were black) while viewing this 4:3 extra material through the progressive component connections.

The 9100's built in adjustments; Color,Brightness, Contrast, Tint, and Sharpness have no affect when viewing through the progressive component outputs.

When viewing an enhanced DVD, you want to select the FULL theater mode on your TWXX81.

On a letterbox non-anamorphic disc, use Theater Wide mode 2.

 Here is a pic of the cable-set I am using ; WARNING do not use the cables included with the 9100; they are not to be used for component connection.

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