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At Your Own Risk... 

I own two Wouxun handheld radios; the KG-UV2D and a KG-UV3D (both are the dual band 2m & 220 versions); and sadly they both developed the infamous memory loss-problem. On my two radios, they would dump the memory by just simply turning off the radio via the power switch and back on; the battery didn't need to be removed for the memory loss to occur.

Through a tip from someone that was selling these Wouxun radios... I learned that the 24C64 serial memory IC (eeprom) is the culprit. I found a schematic of the radio and was able to locate this IC; it's an 8 pin DIP; surface mount:

(this is a screen shot of the KG-UV6D radio schematic)


I then ordered a few 24C64's from Digi-Key (though making certain this replacement part was from a different manufacturer from the one Wouxun originally used).

Here is a picture of the main circuit board... with the bad 24C64 IC circled:


And here is a pic after removing the IC:


Note: with this IC being the surface mount variety; you need to use surface mount desoldering equipment to remove the IC without destroying the traces on the circuit board.


After I soldered in the replacement 24C64 , I powered up the radio and it had totally lost its memory, which wasn't a surprise to me (as I just installed a completely blank memory chip). I then connected my program cable to the radio, sent it my saved program, and the radio powered up with all the memory channels & settings intact.

I have the KG-UV2D radio at work; connected to a battery eliminator (in place of the battery) - which is connected to a 12vdc source and an external antenna. The reason I went into detail about this is because every evening when I power-down my work bench for the night - the12vdc source that runs the radio is also powered down. So, I am completely removing the power source from the radio every night - with the radio sitting dead for 12 hours before being powered back up again (and it's even for longer over the weekend). My Wouxun has kept it's memory programming; without the slightest burp.  I have replaced this IC on 5 Wouxun radios to date.

Here is the part number of the 24C64 eeprom I purchased - and the supplier I bought it from:


Purchased from: Digi-Key for 60 cents - plus shipping;
(Digi-Key is reasonable on shipping though)



* Will this chip replacement repair other models of Wouxun that you have not listed?
I don't know.

* Can I use solderwick to remove the part?

Not wise to use solderwick on surface mounted parts.

* I replaced the 24C64, but the radio reset to 2m and a different band than what the radio was originally manufactured for. When I try to write to the radio with the software, it errors... claiming I am using frequencies that are out-of-range.

If you remember, I did this IC replacement on multiple Wouxun handhelds. On a couple of them, I experienced this problem. The particular Wouxun was the 2m/220 version; but after replacing the 24C64 in the second radio... the one radio woke-up thinking it was the 2m/440 version... and my programming software (KG-UV Commander) wouldn't allow me to send any data to the radio because of this mismatch. I was able to correct this by first writing to the repaired radio using the CHIRP program... pre-loading a IMG file that had this radios specific identity.

Here is a link to the Chirp IMG file for the 2m/220 version of the radio: 2m-220 IMG file (right click - save as)

Here is a link to the Chirp IMG file for the 2m/440 version of the radio: 2m-440 IMG file (right click - save as)

After you send the correct IMG file to the radio via CHIRP - it should power up showing the proper bands that the radio was initially built for. And then the other programs out there should now allow communications to the radio as well.

* Where can I download this CHIRP program?

Google search will find it.

* If I send you my radio, will you...

No. The radios are sooo inexpensive to begin with - that it doesn't warrant sending it out for this type of repair. Ham radio is a hobby; and this is a great opportunity for a ham (or a ham club) to try and repair these radios themselves.

* Was the original memory IC truly defective in the Wouxun radios; or was it other circuitry on the main board that made the part fail? In other words... after replacing this IC - will it eventually fail again?

Good question; and ... I don't know. So far - so good, with 5 radios. But that's one reason I sought out a different mfgr of the replacement memory chip; hoping that it truly was an internal failure of the factory part; increasing my chances of long term success. 

Also, there are reports that the 24C64 - by its very nature - doesn't have limitless read/write cycles to its pedigree. Meaning, that all 24C64's might eventually fail once you reach a certain amount of read/write cycles. Again, I am hoping a 24C64 of a different mfgr - than the one Wouxun used - may give years of trouble free service.

Good Luck ! 


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