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A Garden Place: Garden tips, landscape ideas, plant propagation, greenhouse construction,resources,and links for people who garden.

A Gardeners Resource: Commercial site offering greenhouse building supplies such as exhaust equipment, misting systems, thermostats, greenhouses, building kits, poly (4 to choose from), plastic rigid panels, polycarbonate, shade cloth, tarp, landscaping and mulching fabric, and so much more. Some items may be seasonal.

Aloha Tropicals: A mailorder Company specializing in heliconias, gingers, plumerias, bananas, fragrant and fruiting trees, shrubs and vines.

Burton Flower and Garden Supply Company: I get most of my supplies from this company. They have everything you would need to build and stock a greenhouse.

Free Plants.com: The web site that is all about propagating landscape plants from scratch, landscaping, water gardening and lots of other really cool gardening stuff.

Gardeners Supply Company: Commercial site featuring greenhouse gardening supplies, Q&A page, and helpful information.

Geranium Culture: Indoor and outdoor care of geraniums, as well as propagation, are covered here.

Glass Structures Limited: Glass Structures Limited sells, builds, repairs and restores greenhouses and solariums. Their specialty is Lord & Burnham greenhouses, but theyrepresent many greenhouse manufacturers. They also supply greenhouse accessories.

Hobbs Farms & Greenery: We are retailers of ivy hedera,banana trees,tropicals,perennials,herbs,ferns and many others. We are a commercial member of the american ivy society,and our ivy collection is one of the largest in the country with over 135 different ivies to choose from, and informational pages on how to grow ivy and banana trees.

Hobby Greenhouse Association: The Hobby Greenhouse Association is nonprofit all-volunteer organization of people who enjoy growing plants in greenhouses, sun rooms and/or windows. Members enjoy a wide variety of plants and have a wide range of experience from beginners to some real experts.

Home & Garden Channel: - vidbook.com: Your free multimedia learning center for all things homey, with ideas from decorating to digging around in the dirt.

Home Arts Bloom!: Gardening information by the Home Arts network.

Olympic Views: The Miller family lives in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy a virtual tour of their gardens, gardening information, many gardening links and a soapmaking page.

Ornamental Horticulture: Personal web page featuring information on ornamental horticulture for gardeners in the Houston & Gulf Coast area.

Premier Roses: Commercial site featuring many varieties of roses for sale.

Sherry's Greenhouse: Focuses on organic greenhouse gardening. Includes other greenhouses and the experiences of other gardeners as well.

Stokes Tropicals: Commercial source for a wide variety of exotic tropical plants, gardening products and plant care information.

Sundance Supply: Do-it-yourself supplies include: Multi-Wall Polycarbonate, Exhaust Fans, Shutters, Misting Equipment, Shade Cloth and Heating Equipment.

The Gardening Launch Pad: This list is friendly to the Home Gardener. Make The Neighborhood's Gardening Launch Pad your starting point for all your electronic gardening needs. Gardening links 2414.

The Garden Web Forums: I have found this web site very helpful in answering a variety of gardening questions.

The Suggs Homepage : Visit to learn how Mr Suggs built his greenhouse and join in on the greenhouse forum.

Verna Smith's AHS Daylily Garden: See pictures of Verna's Daylily Gardens and many close-ups of individual daylilies.

Other interests

Machine Embroidery/Quilting


Sew Help Me.com: The goal of Sew Help Me is to provide resources and information about the art of Machine Embroidery and Sewing Techniques.

JoAnn Fabrics : Shop online at JoAnn Fabrics

Welcome to 2Dinahs: Machine embroidery patterns - quilts and accents

Embroidery.com: Embroidery designs for machine

Sewing made Easy with Martha Pullen: She has an embroidery club and sewing tips

Quiltscapes :Prints, cards, etc

Gatorbees: Embroidery designs

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