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Geranium Cuttings

  • Fill a pot with potting soil and dampen.
  • Place a smaller pot in the larger pot to one side.
  • Dig a small hole in the potting soil for the stem.
  • Cut a 3-4" (non-flowering) stem from a plant and dip the end in rooting hormone.
  • Place the cutting in the small hole you made in the soil and add some dry potting mix for a top layer.
  • Water the plant through the smaller pot.
  • In order to increase the humidity, place the plant in a plastic bag.
  • Repot the plant after the cutting has rooted .

Other Miscellaneous Cuttings

The above varigated Geranium roots much more easily than the one pictured at the top of

the page. I didn't need to use the pot in a pot method here but I did use rooting hormone.

I also have starts of 4 Daylilies in the front.

These plants were growing on the stem of a plant. I cut them off and potted them. On the

far bottom left I am starting some Mini Ivy for the next seasons container arrangements.

The two plants on the top row are Lipstick plant. The

bottom left is a Cattleya Orchid and the bottom right is

Christmas Cactus. They have all rooted! I re-potted

them in small pots.


Impatiens are easy to propagate. Just cut a 3" stem and place in water. I didn't

even cut off the buds here, I enjoy the blooms and they will still make roots. Replace

the water twice a week since debris falls in the water and it may get slimy. Roots will

appear in a few weeks. Plant them in a 2" pot when the roots are at least an inch long.

See a picture of the potted plants on the "Peak Season" page.

This Orchid (Dendrobium) grew arial roots covered by an additional layer of white

cells called velamen, which protects the roots and acts as a sponge to collect moisture.

After it was done blooming, I cut off this section and planted it in another pot.

Updated January 26, 2002

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