20th year Anniversary - A Celebration of Life

by: Tim , aka "Mike Mercury"


(This web page was generated in July 2000. I recently surpassed the 30 year mark on July 2010 !!! )

Many will be stunned upon reading this, some have known for years. July 22, 2000 was a twenty year milestone for me. On July 22, 1980 I had a kidney transplant operation; I was age 24.

At age 13, a strep throat infection traveled down my chest cavity, unfortunately damaging my kidneys before the strep was diagnosed and treated. Time and high blood-pressure further attacked my kidneys until at age 24 I was diagnosed with complete kidney failure ( 6 % total function, both combined ). After 6 months of dialysis treatments, my older brother John donated a kidney. My health has improved drastically over my early days with kidney failure. I never dreamed I would of regained my health to further my quest for the good life; and I am certainly living a dream life!

Below is a picture of John and me taken at our 20 year get-together; July 2000.

 Many are surprised when learning of my kidney transplant. Many ask if I have any restrictions; and the answer is NO. Next I am usually asked if I still have my original kidneys; YES. Since they weren't cancerous, there was no need to remove them. I have 3 kidneys (but only the transplanted one is working). Another popular question asks what I attribute the success of the past 20 years to; well, here it is:

* Faith in God

* A caring family; a generous brother

* A wonderful kidney specialist; Dr. Muthiah

* A super wife


I have had NO kidney related illnesses in the past 20 years. The transplant has worked that well.

 Below are a few more pictures of others that have made my life the miracle it has become:

Yvonne; my wife of 19 years. Pic taken July 2000  We met just one year after my transplant and were married within 3 months. I never thought I would remarry again; but when the perfect match comes along, one quickly changes their mind.

Dr. Muthiah. My kidney specialist from the beginning. This pic taken July 22, 2000. 20 years to the day. I couldn't have had a better doctor; he has taken the best care of me.


I have enjoyed excellent health ever since this life saving procedure.



Hello to all the Corvette Forum members reading this !!!